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Educational Excellence Awards

Educational Excellence Awards

The Gretna Public Schools Foundation gave out our Inaugural Educational Excellence Awards in May of 2023. 

Thanks to our generous donor, MCL Construction, we were able to honor educators, support staff, and administrators that have made significant and positive contributions to Gretna students, schools, and the Gretna community

We will soon open nominations for our 2024 awards!

Nominations should be based on:

  • Dedication to the teaching profession or their specific duties at GPS
  • Innovation in curriculum and/or style of teaching
  • Relationship to students, parents & colleagues
  • Contributions to the educational community, to subject area, to student accomplishments
  • Recognition by peers & other awards received
  • Other information or personal characteristics you believe is important 

Achievements should be objective and verifiable, not subjective or based on opinion, popularity, or sympathy. In general, people should not be nominated for the Educational Excellence Awards for doing their job well but should be way beyond norm. 


Our Impact During the 2021 - 2022 School Year

  • Scholarships Given


  • Student Enrollment


  • Teacher Grants


  • Certified Teachers


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